Hi there, thank you for visiting my tiny corner of the world wide web. For the time being I have to place my priorities somewhere else, so there will be no regular updates. Hopefully we will meet again in a near future.

Love, Hester

chicken tacos & pineapple salsa

Over the past couple of years the sad excuse of a mall that connected our city’s railway station to the city centre since the early 1970’s  has been replaced by some high end building that reminds me of some of the more modern Middle Eastern and Asian malls and airports. As you might imagine, the first time I went there, it somewhat felt like I no longer was in my hometown. One of the new features of this mall is the food court, something we didn’t have before and I only knew from my travels to Asia. Since we have this food court we finally have a joint that serves proper Mexican food. Although, my joy was short-lived since almost all the sides are mixed with red onion. Lucky for me,…

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poland, september 2018

Early on a Sunday morning in the beginning of September, Matthijs and I collected our camping gear, warm clothing and books, and squeezed everything in our tiny rental car. Our first stop: a small village in the eastern part of the Netherlands, because I had agreed to lead the church service that Sunday morning. It was the first time my grandparents attended one of my services, which made it extra special. Afterwards we took some time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of pie with them. What better way to start your vacation then by spending some time with your grandparents? By the beginning of the afternoon we were finally on our way to our country of destination: Poland. Actually, we didn’t plan…

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mexican smoky tomato sauce

Mexican food is quite difficult if you’re on a low-FODMAP diet. Onions, garlic and beans are staple ingredients in this cuisine. However, they are also on my avoid-at-all-times-list. So whenever I feel like eating Mexican, I have no other choice than preparing it from scratch. A challenge I don’t shy away from. I grew up with Tex-Mex dishes, but have since discovered that real Mexican food is a bit more complex than throwing some spices at your meat of choice. Instead, it is layers on layers of flavours. So in order to establish that, this post contains a sequence of basic Mexican recipes. A sequence because you’ll need one in order to make the other. Step one are chipotles en adobo, or…

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