Hi there, thank you for visiting my tiny corner of the world wide web. For the time being I have to place my priorities somewhere else, so there will be no regular updates. Hopefully we will meet again in a near future.

Love, Hester

south india, december 2016

On my birthday, which happens to be on May 27, also known as the hottest day (literally) of this year so far, Matthijs took me out for breakfast, and while we were in the city centre anyways we went shopping for some summer clothes for him. And then the strangest thing happened. While he tried on a t-shirt we were both transported back to India by the smell of the shirt. And for a split second we wanted to buy it just for that smell. We didn’t because it didn’t suit Matthijs. But we did check the “made in” label, and indeed, it was made in India. By now, it has been six months since we were there for the second time around. And it took me a long time to be able to write my story on this country. I did feel…

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fish tacos

I love to try out new recipes. But I often begin flipping through my cookbooks at the very moment I have to start cooking. And as you might have guessed, I have to substitute ingredients, because I don’t have everything required for that particular recipe at hand. Or I have to substitute about half of the ingredients to make a recipe work with my intolerances. With these fish tacos it was a little bit of both. I had made the recipe before, but when I wanted to cook it again, some of the ingredients in the original recipe were hard to find. Also, I had to work around a huge amount of garlic. And when I was about to make the tacos, I had already finished some of the produce. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, all…

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lemon & honey overnight oats

A breakfast recipe! But you probably guessed that already by reading the title. Two years ago I discovered overnight oats, probably a decade after everyone else did, but I don’t mind. With things like these I’m either way ahead of the trend, or terribly late to join the party. I’m good with fashion, literature and homedesign. However, not so much with all things tech. I only discovered Instagram in May 2016, and until then I didn’t really know what a blog was. But since then I have caught up somewhat. The fact that I’m writing about overnight oats is a bit peculiar. And not something I ever expected to do. One of the main ingredients in overnight oats is – as the name suggests…

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