Hi there, thank you for visiting my tiny corner of the world wide web. For the time being I have to place my priorities somewhere else, so there will be no regular updates. Hopefully we will meet again in a near future.

Love, Hester

cauliflower soup

When it comes to food, I always go through phases where I eat a certain type of dish or cook with one specific ingredient over and over and over again. I have had these phases ever since I started cooking. That’s quite a while now, for I learned how to cook when I was 13 years old. Amongst the many phases I have gone through  were Indian curries, sauerkraut, quiches, tomatoes, all sorts of nuts and seeds, broccoli, cheese, bell peppers, smoothies, soups and wraps. Usually, when a phase comes to an end, I cannot see that dish or ingredient again for a very long time. Of course, there are some exceptions, because to every rule there are some. Lasagne, burgers, and cheesecake are the three things you can…

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