Over the past couple of years the sad excuse of a mall that connected our city’s railway station to the city centre since the early 1970’s  has been replaced by some high end building that reminds me of some of the more modern Middle Eastern and Asian malls and airports. As you might imagine, the first time I went there, it somewhat felt like I no longer was in my hometown. One of the new features of this mall is the food court, something we didn’t have before and I only knew from my travels to Asia. Since we have this food court we finally have a joint that serves proper Mexican food. Although, my joy was short-lived since almost all the sides are mixed with red onion.

Lucky for me, there’s a Mexican cookbook living on my bookshelves. So I made it my mission to find the right combination of recipes to recreate the soft shell tacos at home without any of the unwanted ingredients that cause undesirable side effects. After several experiments I ended up with this recipe for chicken tacos and pineapple salsa. And if I may say so myself: mission accomplished! It is sweet and sour and spicy and creamy and a little bit crunchy. Whatever could you wish for?

If you’ve been looking around my website, you may know that not too long ago, I did not find any joy in cooking at all. My main response to food, especially dinner, was fear. Fear that I would fall ill again. Slowly but surely this fear is replaced by joy again. Something I can conclude from the amount of time it takes me to compose a grocery list – significantly less than a couple of months ago -, the fact that I’m cooking myself instead of delegating everything to my lovely husband, and that I love to read my cookbooks again thinking up variations that might suit my specific needs, like these chicken tacos with pineapple salsa. I hope you enjoy following my journey into reconnecting with food. I’d love to hear it when you try one (or more) of my recipes.

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