Today I share with you a recipe of a Dutch classic: boterkoek. It’s one of those recipes that comes with great memories of mothers or grandmothers making them for us when we were little. But for some reason it’s not a thing we tend to make ourselves. Perhaps because by the time my generation started baking, cheesecakes became all the rage and we forgot about where we came from. Time for a change.

Boterkoek gets its name from the vast amount of butter it contains. Literally, boterkoek translates as butter cookie. Some dictionaries suggest to translate it as shortbread or butter biscuit. However, a quick search for recipes on the internet made it clear to me that although those things are made of roughly the same ingredients, they are not the same thing. They simply do not contain enough butter.

My mother used to bake boterkoek when I was little. I don’t remember for what type occasion, perhaps a birthday or just because it was the weekend. Unfortunately, she forgot her recipe. So when I wanted to bake one myself last week, I turned to a 1970s cookbook and adapted the recipe to my preferences and updated appliances (read: less sugar + a food processor + a better insulated oven). And I’m happy to say, it tastes just as good as in my memories.