A breakfast recipe! But you probably guessed that already by reading the title. Two years ago I discovered overnight oats, probably a decade after everyone else did, but I don’t mind. With things like these I’m either way ahead of the trend, or terribly late to join the party. I’m good with fashion, literature and homedesign. However, not so much with all things tech. I only discovered Instagram in May 2016, and until then I didn’t really know what a blog was. But since then I have caught up somewhat.

The fact that I’m writing about overnight oats is a bit peculiar. And not something I ever expected to do. One of the main ingredients in overnight oats is – as the name suggests – oatmeal, and I have never ever liked oatmeal. Not even when I was at an age when most children eat porridge. Nope, not me. I refused to eat oatmeal my entire life. But after giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t die of eating some yoghurt mixed with milk, lemon, honey, chia seeds, and the dreaded oatmeal. So I decided I might as well give it a try. And a miracle has happened: I am still alive.

Since this potential life-endangering experiment – you don’t want to know me when I didn’t have a good breakfast – I have eaten many jars of this oatmeal concoction prepared in a plethora of ways. Out of all the varieties I have tried, this one has become my favourite. And in my book, there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite. In fact, it makes life a little bit easier to have just one way of preparing something instead of 55.386. This one has beaten all the others for the single reason that it goes with all of my favourite fruits: citrus, bananas, berries, stone fruits, and therefore I can make it year round. If you fancy, I think it might go well with nuts too, but at this moment in time I don’t really care for eating nuts. Another great thing about this recipe is that it works equally as well with dairy products as with dairy-free products. Which is great, because my body can’t make up its mind about what it will tolerate. One week it will allow me to eat dairy, the next it won’t. And a last point: it’s easy to bring with me and eat on the train on my way to university.

For a while I had forgotten about this breakfast option. And until last week that wasn’t really a problem because in a moment of enlightenment I baked so many waffles and pancakes, one of my freezer drawers was bursting at the seams. But with the amount of pancakes and waffles dwindling rapidly, me not being in the mood for smoothies, and a crazy schedule to make my deadlines, I needed something I could prepare in advance in a large quantity so I didn’t have to waste time on deciding what to eat for breakfast. And then I remembered that I brought four jars of overnight oats with me to a training where I had to stay for four nights, and that by Friday the oats were still good to eat. So in these desperate times: overnight oats to the rescue. I hope you enjoy this breakfast as much as I do.