This recipe is not so much about the fact that I have been trying out cake recipes for weeks, starting with a classic cake without any baking powder from my first cookbook, finding that it was to dry, resulting in adding that baking powder and a syrup to make it lighter and moister. Or about the countless lemons in my fridge that needed a better destination than the trash can. Or about the beautiful flowering thyme on my balcony. No, none of that. This recipe is really about the best looking and tasting strawberries I have ever encountered.

They were the first of the year, and I think I have fallen in love a little. So I couldn’t find it in my heart to just eat these berries without doing something special with them. Therefore I paired them with this lemon loaf infused with a lemon and thyme syrup, added some whipped cream, and it was lovely. So it only seemed fair to share the recipe for this delightful summer cake with you. Happy baking!