The morning of the day after the wedding we found ourselves on a train to Brussels where we were going to board the Eurostar to London. This city has been on our wish list of places to travel to for a long long time. But perhaps the day after our wedding wasn’t the best time to go. We didn’t expect that we would have so little energy left after this dot. A shame, because we were more looking forward to this little getaway than to our actual wedding. Now we spent our four days in London like some sort of zombies. And the saddest thing is that when I’m tired I suck at enjoying things. But then it is a good thing that I tend to forget my moody memories. So two months later I remember that we had the nicest hotel, we ate at NOPI (although I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant when you deal with allergies; the cooks are not very accommodating), we bumped into unexpected celebrations, exciting street art, hidden ruins, and friends from back home, and that London is a beautiful city. Hopefully I get to enjoy it another time. Until then: at least we have the pictures.


Hoxton Grill
Downstairs at NOPI
Some pub we ended up in


Eat eggs benedict, spent rainy days sitting in the front of red double-decker buses, visit Borough Market, run through the dinosaur section of the Natural History Museum, drink orange wine, avoid Harrods – really, it is not worth it – spot decorated taxis and buses, wander around, lose your way, and stumble into a ruin.