Mexican food is quite difficult if you’re on a low-FODMAP diet. Onions, garlic and beans are staple ingredients in this cuisine. However, they are also on my avoid-at-all-times-list. So whenever I feel like eating Mexican, I have no other choice than preparing it from scratch. A challenge I don’t shy away from.

I grew up with Tex-Mex dishes, but have since discovered that real Mexican food is a bit more complex than throwing some spices at your meat of choice. Instead, it is layers on layers of flavours. So in order to establish that, this post contains a sequence of basic Mexican recipes. A sequence because you’ll need one in order to make the other. Step one are chipotles en adobo, or chillies in a slightly sweet sauce.

Step two is a chipotle purée, a Mexican version of sweet chilli sauce that could be used in various ways. I added some suggestions on the recipe card. For this sequence you’re making it to add to step three, a smoky tomato sauce. However, you’re going to make more than you’ll need, so give the other options a try as well.

The one ingredient that plays a huge part in giving these three recipes their distinct flavour is the chipotle. A chipotle is a smoked, dried jalapeño pepper. It’s quite spicy, but don’t let that stop you. Most recipes just call for a small amount of this chilli. If you’re on a low-FODMAP diet, you’d might like to know that chipotles are high in fructose. So be careful if you’re sensitive to that particular type. The safe serving size is less than 1 teaspoon / 3 gram per person, which I took into account while developing these recipes.

Two final remarks: I chose to share a small batch recipe for the  chipotles en adobo and the chipotle purée since I don’t eat this food on a weekly basis. However, if you do eat Mexican more often, feel free to multiply the recipe as you see fit. They will keep in a glass container in the refridgerator for months. And the tomato sauce is quite versatile. Use it in tacos or burritos, over spaghetti, or serve it with meatballs and rice. Over time I will share some of my favourite ways to use it.

Happy cooking!